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Why book a mock exam?

Mock exams are one of the best ways to get real world practice your child’s 11+ examination. Those children who attend mock examinations will get a chance to practice a real CEM style test in identical conditions to the big grammar school test in September.

Why use us?

Each child will be seated in a real examination hall with other children just like the actual exam. They will be invigilated, timed and tested just like the real exam. This sort of practice not only helps perfect technique, but this also helps children get used to the environment and bolster their confidence, because the examination process will become familiar to them. While we may not be the biggest centre, we aim to provide superior quality to our clients. AEC may not be a chain conglomerate, but we focus on preparing students as much as possible, giving them real practice conditions, and giving parents consistent feedback to keep them always aware of their child’s strengths and weaknesses.

Our paper is specifically designed for the Birmingham region Grammar Schools. By booking with us, we will be providing a tailor-made paper that will prepare students for all CEM grammar school entry tests in Birmingham, Warwickshire and Walsall.

Will we receive feedback?

We try to maximise the quality of our examinations through detailed feedback. All students will receive a comprehensive report on their test scores, with areas of strengths and weaknesses clearly outlined. This bespoke report, given after their test paper is marked, will be full of useful statistics regarding your child’s score. Some of the sections that the report contains are:

  • Your child's score​
  • Maximum available marks
  • The highest and lowest score attained by a student in that paper
  • The average score attained in that paper
  • A breakdown of their Comprehension, Synonyms, Antonyms, Numerical Reasoning, Non-verbal Skills and all other sections
  • How they did in each section in comparison to other students.