11 Plus exam success

To help students acheive their best in the 11 Plus Exams, the support of an established and trusted tutoring centre is invaluable.  Academic Enrichment Centre specialises in 11 Plus Courses that are specifically tailored and crafted to best help prepare our students for their examinations, and help them build the confidence to believe in their ability.

For all of our programmes, students will also receive a 12 week progress report and have the opportunity to discuss it with their tutor. Students will also have special access to our online learning resources. 

In addition, undertaking mock exams can help students to feel less nervous and more prepared for the real exams, allowing them to perfom better.

What the parents say:

“ I am delighted with Taqeed’s tutoring and management. He tailored a package to meet my children’s needs. He is highly skilled, astute and a real people’s person with excellent interpersonal skills and above all well knowledged in his field. He cares firstly for his students success before any monetary rewards. He’s a talented tutor, I would highly recommend. ”

Our 11 Plus courses

These are the CEM 11 Plus Courses that we provide:

Year 3 : Pre 11 Plus Foundation
This course helps children prepare for the 11+ at a more gradual pace. It focuses on English, Maths, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning.

Year 4 : Pre 11 Plus Intermediate
This course covers English, Maths, Verbal Reasoning and Non-verbal Reasoning in preparation for a full one year 11+ course in Year 5.

Year 5 : Pre 11 Plus Advanced
This course prepares children in Verbal Reasoning, Non-verbal Reasoning, Maths and English for the CEM 11+ examination.  

Independent & grammar school preparation

For students attending indpendant schools or applying to grammar schools, we provide specialist courses to help them prepare. All of the courses run from September to January and cover English (Creative Writing and Comprehension skills), General Knowledge and Interview Technique, Verbal Activity and Advanced Mathematics.

The courses prepare children for the following examinations:
  • Independent school 11+ and Common Entrance Examinations sat in January 2017
  • Useful preparation for any grammar schools with second round English and/or Maths examinations in November/December/January and KES 11+/12+ late entry examinations
In addition to offering these courses and being able to coach and prepare students for the exams, we are also able to offer mock examinations so that the students can put their skills to practice and help reduce on-the-day nerves.
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