A-Level Retakes

Academic Enrichment Centre offer effective and supportive A-Level retake courses to help students achieve the results they desire and support them in continuing in to further education.

Once you’ve decided that retaking your A-Levels is the best way to continue then AEC have the course options to best support your studies.

We offer students a motivating, informal environment and use a teaching style designed to put students at ease. All of our tutors work closely with the students to outline any problem areas and develop both subject knowledge and technique. We are able to offer both small study groups, and one-to-one tuition, to best support our students with their learning. 

Course Structure

Each course will thoroughly review and explain the main syllabus topics whilst checking that all of the students have a complete understanding of the material and have the ability to manipulate it under exam conditions. Our tutors will ensure that students have mastered writing and question-answering techniques that are vital for the success of the examination; these include selection techniques, planning skills and timing. By the end of the course we will ensure that the student has all the tools necessary to do well in the retake exam.

One-to-one Tuition

AEC are proud to be able to offer one-to-one tuition within the A-Level retake courses, as it is an ideal way for students to connect with their tutor and identify any problem areas or any topics that they may be struggling with. It allows students to work at their own pace and to focus on their own needs, with the tutor's undivided attention.

Seminar Groups

Seminar groups provide an interactive learning situation, with discussion of syllabus topics with other students whilst under the tutor's guidance. Small group sizes allow for a high degree of personal attention and development.


AEC can arrange to laboratory sessions for students how need to improve their understanding of practical endorsement sciences. Our tutors will provide students with essential knowledge, methods and techniques required to satisfy this part of the qualification.


Every year, students leave our A-level retake courses, confident in the knowledge that not only have they significantly improved their performance, but that they have acquired the necessary study skills and maturity to make a far greater success of their further studies than they might have thought possible.
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