AEC Tuition and Examination Centre is open to all students who wish to take mock examinations.

If you are a distance learning or self studying through a GCSE/IGCSE or  A Level qualification, mock exams can keep you on track and provide you with feedback on how close you are to the grade you need. AEC mocks allow you to increase the effectivness of your mock exams. Our research shows that a large proportion of students do not take their mock exams seriously or obtain access to the question papers via social media or private tutors. Parents have informed us that it is difficult to obtain reliable information about how our child is performing based on end of year school report.

GCSE Mock Exams - October 2018

Once you know which examinations you will
be taking, please contact us to confirm your registration.

As a register examination centre, our mock 
examinations are created to make the the 
process with our statement of entries, unseen question papers, and result statements. We provide students with the feeling of a real GCSE examination and parents with accurate data that is unquestionably invaluable.
Subject Paper Date Time Cost Booking
Mathematics 1MA1/1H, 8300/1H 29th October 2018 11:00 am £50.00 Book Now
Physics 8463/1F, 8463/1H 29th October 2018 2:00 pm £50.00 Book Now
English 8700/1 30th October 2018 11:00 am £50.00 Book Now
Chemistry 8462/1F, 8462/1H 30th October 2018 2:00 pm £50.00 Book Now
Biology 8461/1F, 8461/1H 31st October 2018 11:00 am £50.00 Book Now
Mathematics 8461/1F, 8461/1H 31st October 2018 2:00 pm £50.00 Book Now
Physics 8463/2F, 8463/2H 1st November 2018 9:30 am £50.00 Book Now
Chemistry 8462/1F, 8462/1H 1st November 2018 1:00 pm £50.00 Book Now
English 8700/2 2nd November 2018 4:00 pm £50.00 Book Now
Mathematics 1MA1/3H, 8300/3H 2nd November 2018 9:30 am £50.00 Book Now
Biology 8461/2F, 8461/2H 2nd November 2018 2:00 pm £50.00 Book Now

Paper Codes are given as an example here. IGCSEs for Edexcel and Cambridge will be accepted for mock examinations.
We have listed the main subjects here, if you wish to take modern foreign languages or any other questions, please kindly Contact Us

Mock Exams - October, December, February, Easter

  • Complete an online application by following the above link.
  • Taking your mock exam under full examinations conditions 
  • Examination paper will be marked by one of our examiner. We aim to do this promptly, usually between 7-10 working days.
  • After marking and grading your script, you will receive a short feedback, areas that may need further work.