GCSE exam success

The Academic Enrichment Centre is a trusted centre for providing private tuition to help students prepare for their GCSE exams. We concentrate our tuition courses on key subjects but do ask if their are other subjects you would like tuition for.  Our GCSE courses are specifically tailored and crafted to best help prepare our students for their examinations, and help them build the confidence to believe in their ability.

For all of our programmes, students will also receive a 12 week progress report and have the opportunity to discuss it with their tutor. Students will also have special access to our online learning resources. 

In addition, undertaking mock exams can help students to feel less nervous and more prepared for the real exams, allowing them to perfom better.

What the parents say:

“ I am delighted with Taqeed’s tutoring and management. He tailored a package to meet my children’s needs. He is highly skilled, astute and a real people’s person with excellent interpersonal skills and above all well knowledged in his field. He cares firstly for his students success before any monetary rewards. He’s a talented tutor, I would highly recommend. ”

Our GCSE Tuition courses

These are the core subjects that we cover:
  • English Language
  • Maths
  • Further Maths
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics

GCSE exams, mock exams and retakes

As approved national examination centre, AEC conducts GCSE examinations. You can find out more about our exam centre here.

Our students can undertake mock exams under real exam conditions, to help them become less nervous and be able to perform better under the pressure of real exams.  Click here to find out more about our mock exams.

For students that want to retake GCSE exams, that can also be done at AEC.  We specialise in helping students to acheive their desired grades through courses and mock exams.  To find out more about exam retakes, click here.

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