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Academic Enrichment Centre is accredited by all major Exam Boards. Please click on the qualification type for choice of subjects available for the OCR awarding body.

Applications for examinations must be completed by the following dates. They are set shortly before the examination board’s deadlines in order that the necessary administrative work can be undertaken in time. Late fees will be applied to applications made after these deadlines.

GCSE, AS Level, A Level
Qualifications Examination Series Entry Deadline
GCSE June 2020 19th February, 2020
AS / A Level June 2020 19th February, 2020
Subject Entry Code Exam Fees
Ancient History J198 £195.00
Biblical Hebrew J196 £225.00
Biology A Excluding Practical J247 £225.00
Biology A Including Practical J247 £525.00
Biology B Excluding Practical J257 £225.00
Biology B Including Practical J257 £525.00
Business J204 £225.00
Chemistry A Excluding Practical J248 £225.00
Chemistry A Including Practical J247 £525.00
Chemistry B Excluding Practical J258 £225.00
Classical Civilisation J199 £280.00
Economics J205 £220.00
English Language J351 £225.00
English Literature J352 £225.00
Latin J282 £220.00
Mathematics J560 £225.00
Physics A Excluding Practical J257 £225.00
Physics A Including Practical J257 £525.00
Physics B Excluding Practical J259 £225.00
Physics B Including Practical J259 £525.00
Religious Studies J625 £280.00
Combined Science A Excluding Practical J250 £420.00
Combined Science A Including Practical J250 £920.00
Combined Science B Excluding Practical J260 £420.00
Combined Science B Including Practical J260 £920.00
Turkish J737 £420.00
Subject Entry Code Exam Fees
Ancient History H007/H407 £345.00
Biology A H020/H420 £350.00
Biology A Including Practical H420 £850.00
Biology B H022/H422 £350.00
Biology B Including Practical H422 £850.00
Business H031/H431 £350.00
Chemistry A H032/H432 £350.00
Chemistry A Including Practical H432 £850.00
Chemistry B H033/H433 £350.00
Chemistry B Including Practical H433 £850.00
Classical Civilisation H008/H408 £350.00
Classical Greek H044/H444 £420.00
Economics H060/H460 £350.00
English Language H070/H470 £350.00
English Coursework Language/Literature £300.00
English Literature H072/H472 £350.00
History A H015/H505 £350.00
History Coursework H505 £350.00
Latin H043/H443 £420.00
Law H015/H415 £420.00
Mathematics H230/H240 £350.00
Further Mathematics H235/H245 £450.00
Mathematics B (MEI) H630/H640 £350.00
Further Mathematics B (MEI) H635/H645 £450.00
Physics A H156/H556 £350.00
Physics A Including Practical H556 £850.00
Physics B H157/H557 £350.00
Physics B Including Practical H557 £850.00
Psychology H167/H567 £350.00
Sociology H180/H580 £350.00
  • Please kindly select the qualification type above GCSE or AS/A Level to check the list of subjects and fees available for OCR awarding body
  • Late fees will be charged from 20th February 2020 at 50% additional fee to prices stated on our website per subject
  • Very late fees will be charged from 17th March 2020 at 100% additional fees to prices stated on our website per subject
  • Once you have decided which subject(s) and qualification type, please kindly complete our online Exam Registration
  • Once your application is received, an invoice will be raised and sent to you
  • Timetables and instructions are issued as soon as invoices are cleared and entries has been processed by exam board