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Founded in 2012, on the belief that tutoring is such a powerful tool in a student’s learning, Academic Enrichment Centre has become widely regarded as a professional and dependable centre for learning and development.

Having seen parents struggling to find good quality tutors, our mission statement has therefore always been to professionalise private tuition and to pride ourselves in providing impartial and relevant educational advice to all of our clients.

From our humble one-room beginnings on Warwick Rd, Tyseley, we relocated to our purpose-built building on York Road, Hall Green in April 2015. We have all the facilities and equipment available to provide an engaging and inspiring environment best suited to learning. We have students travelling as far as Luton, Wolverhampton and Coventry in order to benefit from our services. However there is no obligation to travel to see us!

Our Tutors

All of our tutors are professional, dedicated and systematic in their teaching. They are fully trained within their subject specialisms and are provided with all the latest targeted materials needed to guide your child through the different courses.

Our tutors pride themselves on being supportive, friendly and approachable, which is reflected in the outstanding feedback they receive from their students.

After a vigorous interview process, we tend to choose intelligent and charismatic tutors who enjoy relating to, and setting high standards, for their students. While it is affirmed that intelligence does not make you a good tutor, we like our tutors to be passionate and knowledgeable about their subjects so that they can answer the most curious of questions from their students.
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''I know I didn't take it seriously as first, thinking I would only scrape a pass but I want to say a huge thank you to you. If it wasn't for you I wouldn't have gotten an A*. I am so grateful for all your time and faith you put into me. Again I can not thank you enough.''

- Nadia Fatima

“A massive THANK YOU for all the help and guidance these past two years in Maths and also as my personal tutor. 

I also want to thank you for the wonderful reference for my university application!

You were a wonderful teacher and an excellent tutor and I wish you all the best!''

- Kirsty Cooper

Tuition Centre and the Students

We pride ourselves on offering a unique environment that is quite different to that of many other tuition centres. Our approach to teaching and learning is refreshingly interactive and informal. The support provided by both subject tutors and other academic staff is thoughtful and creative. We take the time to get to know each student on an individual basis, taking into account their personal goals and targets, so that we can best help to meet them.

Students are encouraged at every stage to take an active part in the learning process and take responsibility for their own learning. This is achieved by thorough exam-specific teaching and close attention to the needs of the individual student, enabling reinforcement of knowledge and attention to areas of weakness. Our teaching consists of a combination of small groups, tutorials and possible individual tuition, this allows for an effective coverage of the syllabus, and careful management of each learner’s understanding of subject knowledge and production of written work.

The informal approach to teaching at the centre, with its individual-focused methodology and its flexibility, enables students to approach their work in a calm and supportive environment which allows feedback and discussion with the tutor.

Self-motivation, personal study and research are encouraged; the most successful students are the ones who approach academic study in a consistent, conscientious and organised manner. This is also an important preparation for higher education.

Parents and how to get enrolled

Last but not least, we believe that parents are a vital part of their child’s educational growth and development. We encourage parents to sit down with their children, mark their work and give them feedback on that work.

It’s a great honour to say that the parents truly believe in our approach, in the ability of our staff and resources in supporting their child’s education and in our facilitation of an environment, in which every child is encouraged to better their academic performance and thrive.

Please contact us if you require any further information or if you’d like to get enrolled.
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Science Practicals
We are one of the few Examination Centres 
in the UK that are able to offer Science Practicals.
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